Since 1960 we have been creating the best products for the dental sector.
Since 2012 we have also been making them BIO

Siamo Larident, produciamo e distribuiamo prodotti destinati al settore dentale e forniamo articoli correlati all’igiene e alla profilassi dentale anche nel settore farmaceutico.

We are the company Larident, we produce and distribute products for the dental sector and supply articles related to hygiene and dental prophylaxis also in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our Mission?

Create quality solutions for dental health, by paying attention and having constant commitment towards the environment, the customer and the patient

We believe everyone deserves to have a healthy mouth, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services to allow them to do so in the easiest and most personalized way possible. If you are looking for high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly dental products for your dental practice or laboratory, Larident is here!

A “Made in Italy” story

Quality is our history, since the 1960s, and our inspiration for all those years to come.

We have everything in order (really!) to guarantee you safe and functional dental practice products… And overmore our production sites are all in Italy, certifying a total MADE IN ITALY!

Larident Catalogue

Our catalogue offers a complete range of products, 90% of which are made directly by us, guaranteeing total “made in Italy”.

Our selection includes products for both dental practices and dental laboratories: discover the best solutions for you!

Catalogo Larident

Il nostro catalogo offre una gamma completa di prodotti, dei quali il 90% è realizzato direttamente da noi, garantendo un totale “made in Italy”.

La nostra selezione comprende prodotti sia per gli studi dentistici, che per i laboratori odontotecnici: scopri le soluzioni migliori per te!

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Let us tell you a bit about ourselves and our dental products, from Made in Italy to the Bio line!

Scheduled events and Exhibitions

We have been participating in the main industry fairs both in Italy and around the world for decades.

We enjoy bringing the latest ideas in product innovation and materials, but mainly we consider these events as opportunities to interact, in person, with industry professionals and to network.

Below are the upcoming events where we will be present… See you there?

Expodental Meeting

Green-dentistry: a must for your increasingly sustainable practice

The shift towards an ecological dental sector is an imperative for us to reduce environmental impact and promote patients’ health.

Opting for biocompatible materials and low-impact technologies, embracing recycling and energy efficiency, as well as encouraging eco-friendly dental practices, are all essential elements for a responsible dental future.

And we believe precisely in this.These are the products we recommend you always have in your dental practice!

Green dentistry not only allows you to actively contribute to safeguarding the planet, but also offers opportunities to stand out in the profession and meet the expectations of an increasingly aware and environmentally conscious clientele.

How can you buy Larident products?

You have seen our catalogue, you have chosen the best products for your dental practice, you have decided on the colour that best matches your furnishings or that matches your staff uniforms…

But how can you purchase our products?
It’s very easy! Because we take care of everything!