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Larident is a company that produces and distributes dental products. We are also present in the pharmaceutical sector with products related to hygiene and dental prophylaxis.



Icone_Sito_Larident_Primi passi nel dentale

1950 - 1985

First Steps in the Dental Field

The founder of the company, Giuliano Cataldi, started working in the field of sanitary products distribution after the Second World War .

1961 saw the beginning of the distribution of chemical products and alloys for moulding used in all dental sectors.



On the 21st of January 1985 Larident was founded by Giuliano and his son Alessandro. The sanitary sector is gradually abandoned and the company concentrates on the dental sector, specialising in the production of plastic articles.

The quality of the products and their competitiveness on the market make the export market a fundamental part of the company from the beginning and for the first time a 50% share of the turn-over in 2014.

Icone_Sito_Larident_Il mondo e il mercato farmaceutico


The World and the Pharmaceutical Market

Larident distributes, in Italy and in over 70 countries throughout the world, its own products and represents and distributes on the Italian market for well-known manufacturers like Hager & Werken (dentistry and lab products), Nordiska (filling materials), Polirapid (dental brushes for laboratories) and Varenkor (sintered diamobnd burs).

Larident develops new products in its efficient industrial department, equipped with 9 injection moulding machines used for the production of over 500 products; and so ideas become reality.

Since 2007 Larident has been operating with increasing success in the pharmaceutical sector, offering a range of products related to hygiene and dental prophylaxis.


The Value of Ideas

Alongside the most successful products such as the many containers for dental prostheses (in 2019 produced and sold about 5,000,000 items), there is a wide range of protective visors, the biggest variety on the market of bur holders, various disposable items (for example trays made of 3 different types of plastic and 27 different models available) etc. etc. Our internationally recognised speciality is the production of private label goods.

Icone_Sito_Larident_Il valore delle idee

Our Team

We strongly believe in the value of human resources. Our employees are the heart of our company.

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Since July 2015 Larident has been in Valfontanabuona, in Via Lamaneigra, 12R - Tribogna (Genova).

Its headquarters are more than 4.000 square metres, of which about 70% dedicated to the warehouse, 20% for production (9 injection presses) and 10% for offices.

Come and visit us to see how we work, the Larident staff will welcome you!