Larident’s Strategic Vision is to create a better working life for the majority of dental professionals and this means doing our best for a world in which we must take better care of the environment , the planet’s resources and people. We are aware that this is an ongoing commitment, but we are working hard to contribute to the best solution.


The Larident team welcomes people who are following reintroduction programs, to get themselves into the working world, run by Geona’s public, council structures. We collaborate with various cooperatives that use work as a moment for socialization and creating a sense of achievement for people with disabilities.

Other Collaborations

Larident collaborated in the past in a project for the reintegration of children from the Chernobyl areas by providing various materials to the clinic created by S.M.A.C Legambiente S.Martino in Rio (RE). Born in March 1999 as a Legambiente Solidarity Club,in the following year registered in the Regional and Provincial Register of ONLUS bodies, to carry out a project shared by the families that make up the club and by all the sympathizers, individuals and companies that support it.



We are seriously committed to the quality of the offered product and to protecting the environment and its territory.
We implement and keep a quality and environmental management system according to these regulations :- UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 13485 and UNI EN ISO 14001.



In 1997 Larident obtained the ISO 9001/2000 certification, renewed in 2018 with the change to ISO 9001/2015 certification and in 2010 the 14001/2004 certification renewed in 2016 with ISO 14001/2015 to demonstrate its sensitivity towards quality and the environment. In 2012 it obtained the ISO 13485/2012 certification renewed in 2019 with ISO 13485/2016 relating to medical devices.