Our history in brief

The founder of the company, Giuliano Cataldi, begins to work in the postwar period in the field of the distribution of the sanitary produced ones. In 1961 he begins the distribution also of chemicals and alloys for stamping, used in the dentale field.
In 1985 the company is renewed with the income of the son coming Alexander from a experience in other exclusively engaged company in the dentale field, and is founded the Larident.
The sanitary field is abandoned and the company is concentrated alone in the dentale field specializing itself in the article production in plastic for dentists.  Larident   since quickly it has intentional to be confronted in marked the total one dedicating itself to the export.
The competitiveness and quality of produced their on the market, the flexibility and the cure of the customer, have done so as that Larident has asserted like one of the more important European companies in the different supply produced in private brand

Thanks to these characteristics the export today exceeds 50% in more than 60 countries.

In the 2015 Larident, it leaves own historical center of Via Giovanni Da Verrazzano in order moving themselves in wider premises in province than Genoa for having a better logistics apt to satisfy the greater volumes in departure and arrival and in order approaching themselves its managed industrial division in cooperation with the Seapast society.

A lot important has been a choice that it gives the possibility of ulterior development in the years to come.

The industrial division is composed from 7 presse to injection managed by the Seaplast staff and with this last one they come created and planned the new ones producing.
In Italy to the productive part a commercial part is placed side by side representing for the domestic market important houses like Hager & Werken (produced from study and laboratory), Polirapid (brushes from laboratory), Varenkor (diamond cutters), Nordiska (amalgam and concretes) beyond to commercial agreements with national producers.

The articles of greater success are undoubtedly the containers for prostheses that in the 2015 are produced and sold in the quantitative one of 3.200.000 pieces.  Laridenmt has a every day productive ability   of 21.000 pieces using all the 9 systems.

In the 1997 Larident it obtains certification iso 9001/2000, renewed in 2009 with the modification in certification ISO 9001/2008 and 2010 certification 14001/2004 to demonstrate to own sensibility towards quality and atmosphere and from 2012 the 13485 for the produzioone of the medical devices