Larident turns 30, but the story starts much earlier than that! The founder of the company, Mr. Giuliano Cataldi, started to work in the sector of sanitary products distribution in Genoa right after the Second World War. In 1961 he starts the distribution of chemical products and alloys for the dental sector. In 1985 the company renews itself with the entry of his son Alessandro Cataldi, that comes from another company exclusively envolved in the dental sector, and subsequently the company Larident is founded on 21st January 1985. The sanitary sector is abandoned and the company concentrates on the dental sector in the production of plastic articles for dentists. The quality of the products and their competitivity on the market make the export market a fundamental part of the company, already from the beginning, and reached a 50% share of the turn-over in 2014.

At present, Larident has a commercial department that distributes its own products all over Italy and in 70 countries. On the Italian market it represents and distributes well-known manufacturers like Hager & Werken (dentistry and lab products), Polirapid (brushes for laboratories), Varenkor (sintered diamond burs), Nordiska Dental (filling materials and cements). From 2007 Larident operates in the growing pharmacy sector, offering a range of dental prophylaxis products aimed at the end-consumer market. Alongside the commercial department there is an efficient industrial division where Larident owns eight injection moulding machines, used for the production of its 400 own articles and where it is possible to develop new products customized for the customers.

Another strength of Larident is its flexibility in the manufacturing of personalized products for private lable purposes. In its efficient industrial division, equipped with nine injection moulding machines used for the production of 460 different articles, it is possible to develop new products with the clients starting from only one idea. Among the products with the biggest success are, e.g. the prosthesis container boxes that in 2014 were produced and sold in over 3.000.000 pieces, a wide range of protection visors, bur holders (from which we offer the widest assortment available on the market).

With time many disposable articles, e.g. disposable trays manufactured in three different materials and 27 models. The specialisation in the production of articles in private lable is a specialty recognized on an international level. Larident cooperates with the prime level of national manufacturers in the diffusion of products made in Italy throughout the world. In 1997 Larident obtained the ISO9001/2000 certification, renewed in 2009 with ISO 9001/2008 and in 2010 the 14001/2004 certification in order to show its sensibility towards quality and environmental issues, and from 2012 13485/2012 certification for medical devices.